New Series / Looking Up

Working on a new series at the moment called Looking Up!

I am using the “Pochoir” technique which I have modified quite a bit. Instead of cutting out a stencil, which is quite painstaking and slow, and messing with my hands, I thought I would experiment with other ways of creating that barrier which allows the black of the background to show through. So instead of using paper to cut the stencil, I tried watercolour liquid masking fluid.

I happened upon a bottle with a metal nib applicator which gave me some very nice lines of varying widths depending on how I used it. This way I could mask out the outlines, paint the spaces as with pochoir, then remove the masking fluid when finished. It seemed to work fine, but the removal of the masking fluid at the end was not without its own difficulties. But it was amazing watching the work come alive as h black line work was revealed.

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